When we work with photographic materials we frequently face the challenge of dealing with sizeable archives and collections consisting of a large number of images. In situations such as these we prefer to implement a strategy of preventive conservation, in order to identify the factors that affect the overall condition of the entire collection.

SMPhoto Conservation Studio offers three basic types of assessment: preservation needs assessments, collection-level assessments and item-by-item assessments.

We then draft a multi-level plan and establish a list of priorities which may include developing climatically controlled storage spaces, creating neutral micro-climates with the use of suitable archival envelopes and boxes, elaborating plans to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies and plans of periodical pest management and, if necessary, carrying out conservation treatments on an individual item basis.

A Lifetime of Photographs

SMP also has a service called A Lifetime of Photographs”  that takes care of your family archives. If you possess black and white or colour prints, negatives, contact sheets, press prints or any other types of photographic materials you may wish to show them to us so that we can give you our expert advice on how to care for them and preserve them properly.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail and we will provide you with a cost-effective assessment of your precious photo collection.

Our final detailed report can then be used as the basis for successful fundraising initiatives and applications for grants to ensure the preservation of your collection, or for exhibitions and publications intended to publicize it and increase public awareness of its existence.

SMP can also provide you with direct assistance for organizing an exhibition or for publishing a book or catalogue of your photographs. For the graphic design of such publications, we can count on the valuable collaboration of the internationally renowned graphic and industrial designer Romeo Guaricci.

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