Daguerreobase participates in the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure project

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Updates about the Daguerreobase Project

The unique urban views and natural landscapes scenes dispayed on daguerreoabse.org are a very rich source which has a great deal of potential for some very varied uses. In our case study: “We Were Here’. How Europeana can creatively showcase tourism related images from Daguerreobase.org” we have indicated various different ways of creatively showcasing daguerreotypes related to tourism in the digital environments of Europeana and Google, in order to reach a wider public of users. Groups of images of urban views, scenic landscapes, archaeological sites or folk portraits can be presented in a “storytelling” modality, which stimulates the interest of users in a way that is creative, engaging and fun.

Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, Détail d’architecture romane à l’arrière de la cathédrale de Bâ le (dos du choeur), [vue inversée], daguerréotype, 1840-1850, GP-DAG-004

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