At the heart of our practice is our in-depth knowledge of the history of photography and the technology of the various different historical photographic processes, and we constantly engage in studies and research regarding the preservation and conservation of historic photographs.

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Important photographers whose pictures we have worked on



Edward Steichen

Margaret Brouke-White

Pascal Sebah


Robert Capa

Dorothea Lange


Jacques Henri Lartigue


Eugene Atget
R.W. Anderson
Fratelli Alinari
Gabriele Basilico
Felice Beato
Charles Bernhoeft
Bisson Frères
Karl A., Baumgaertel
Lilian Bassmann
Margaret Brouke-White
Joseph Breitenbach
Harry Callahan
Robert Capa
Edward Sheriff Curtis

Jack Delano
Walker Evans
Gisèle Freund
Tadashi Fukashawa
Adolfo Farsari
Emile Gsell
Ernst Haas
Johan Hagemeyer
André Kertész
Kusakabe Kimbei
Russel Lee
Jacques Henri Lartigue
Gustave Le Gray
Dorothea Lange
Danny Lyon
Charles Marville
Joel Meierowitz
Karl Mydans
Arnold Newmann
Jones Pirkle
Man Ray
William Rau
Arthur Rothstein
Luigi Sacchi
Pascal Sebah
Arthur Siegel
Marylin Silverstone
Arnold Siskin
Giorgio Sommer
Edward Steichen
Isaiah West Taber
John Thomson
Max Thorek
Kuichi Uchida
John Vachon
Raimund Von Stiellfried-Ratenicz
Von Gloeden
Carleton Emmons Watkins
Edward Weston
Clarence, White
T.R. Williams
Marion Post Wolcott
Max Yavno